MF2 AERO employs more than 30 employees. We offer our employees a friendly and flexible work environment, where the work-family balance is taken into consideration. We are fortunate to have experienced people at all levels, including in production. Whether you are a young machinist or an experienced technician you will find the necessary support to evolve in your field.

  • I.T. Application programmer

    Reporting to the General Manager, the candidate is responsible for carrying out all activities related to the design and programming of IT applications whose purpose is to support the management of the company's manufacturing operations, all in accordance with needs identified by management.

    In addition, the person will have to make sure that all the solutions developed correspond to the requirements and technological parameters that have to evolve on "desktop" and on mobile devices. Everything, respecting the values, the policies, the rules and the standards of the company.

    Main responsibilities :

    • Participate in application-level design projects, including analysis, coding, system setup, integration and debugging, packaging and documentation.

    • Design and analyze applications to be developed, system interfaces, databases and reports.

    • Create and support test protocols for verification and validation of developed applications and embedded systems.

    • Evaluate the impact of new technology requirements on the existing suite of software and hardware applications.

    • Work closely with relevant managers and provide internal support and / or training on newly developed applications.

    Criteria for hiring :

    The academic profile sought is :

    • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent training.
    The nature of the work experiences required is :

    • Minimum of 3 years of experience in the analysis and development of complex software with a successful production.

    • Programming language : C, C ++, C # .NET, ASP .NET, Ladder, DDK, TCP / IP, Internet, DirectX, OLE, SQL Server, MySQL ...

    • Android / iOS development environments

    • Develop Web applications using the following elements :

    o HTML, Python / PHP
    o MySQL database
    o TCP / IP communication

    • Develop Desktop and mobile applications using :

    o MySQL database
    o TCP / IP communication
    o Multithread
    o Graphical interface

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