MFR Aquatic Solutions  

MFR specializes in the management and development of customized aquatic solutions. Our accomplishments include several reconditioning, refurbishing, repair and re-engineering projects for Olympic and semi-olympic-class swimming pools.

MFR Aquatic Solutions is the official distributor for Estearn Canada of NATARE products. MFR and NATARE delivers the technical expertise, specialized knowledge and years of critical experience that are vital to the design, engineering and construction of an aquatic facility. We know competition swimming, construction and pool operation. And we know how to meet our customer's needs and requirements by individually tailoring equipment and systems to meet the demands of virtually any project, program or budget.


  • Conception and installation of movable floor
  • Modular pre-engineered stainless steel wall and floor systems with or without membrane
  • Elevated pool systems
  • Perimeter gutter systems and grating
  • Movable bulkheads
  • Filtration and mechanical systems
  • And many others equipments.

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