Industrial Subcontracting 

Our clients come from various industries: agriculture, food, wood, energy, hydraulic and medical, to name but a few. Among these clients, we manufacture parts that go from simple to very complex and we have the manufacturing capacity to support small and large batches. Through our established network of subcontractors, we can offer a turnkey service for surface or thermal treatments. MF2 AERO is also committed to respect, maintain and improve its ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System.


From an Idea to a 3D Drawing

Our expertise in design of complex machined parts helps to improve product performance and quality.

Based on the specific needs of our clients or projects to realize, the engineering and design know-how of our team are put to use to design all types of machined or modulated parts. Our experience extends, among others areas, to the mechanical, pneumatic and aerospace manufacturing sectors. With our combined experience in these various fields of activity, we are able to reduce the final cost of production.

Our personnel have extensive knowledge of computer-assisted design. We use the latest technology applications to analyze and virtually assess the performance of prototypes of machined parts.

From 3D Drawing to Prototype

We carry out quality prototypes that meet high performance and profitability standards.

Whether from our own designs or those of our clients, we create prototypes of parts or mechanical components with constant concern for increased profitability at the time of production. With the design and prototyping services under one roof, it becomes easy to make the necessary adjustments to optimize production. In addition, at all times our consulting engineers ensure the compliance and quality of the manufactured prototypes.

From Prototype to Finished Product

You can benefit from our global expertise to optimize production and reduce the final cost of the product.

Our large plant allows us to carry out mass production of machined parts from various materials. The extensive knowledge we have of each stage of the production process ensures high quality standards. The realization of each project is also guided by our commitment to meet deadlines set by our clients.

A true turnkey service

In the spirit of providing our clients with a turnkey service offer and to deliver parts that are ready to use, you have the option of entrusting us to carry out your light assembly work.